BE PART OF our story and join us on a journey of discovery into Athlone's rich whiskey heritage.



Athlone was once a bustling hub of distilleries and breweries. The earliest record of distilling in Athlone can be traced back as far as 1740 and brewing can be traced back to the 1730's!

In the early 1800's it is recorded that there were two extensive distilleries in Athlone producing from 40,000 to 50,000 gallons of whiskey annually. There was also an array of malting houses and brewery's in operation around that time.

During the tours, we will delve into the history of our proud ancient distilling and brewing traditions in Athlone and learn about the distillers, brewers and town bailiffs of the past, who owned these thriving establishments. We will uncover the secrets behind their successes, failures and quarrels and visit some of the old historical sites where they once operated.

You will enjoy 4 local whiskey samples and local chocolate pairings with two of your whiskey samples, to include 2 types of chocolate, handcrafted by a local producer, Kilbeggan Handmade Chocolate.  

We can organise group tours for 4+ on request and subject to availability. Please get in touch for further information or book your Athlone Walking Tour today on our website! Our tours are available throughout March to October.

The tour information and starting point will be provided via email once your booking has been made. Tour Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours approx




In the mid 1830's, notices were issued to farmers stating the 'The highest price will be given for barley at the Old Distillery, The Quay Athlone' - Demand during this time for barely was very high due to the number of distillers and brewers in the town.


According the the Parliamentary papers, in 1782 there were 47 registered distillers in the Athlone Excise region. The excise region at that time was a vast area, that spanned into many other counties! 


In 1809, a quarrel between some of the town distillers and brewers had broken out and John Booth, the then owner of the Booth's Brewery created a giant inscription in the gateway leading to the brewery that stated 'Let not Satan's agents enter, Will O'Weip and Jack the printer'. Why? Join us on a tour to find out!